Monday, 20 March 2017

All of the information that you need to send your Perks is located on the Contributions tab on your Dashboard.

The Contributions tab includes:

    Order Numbers- so you can keep track of each contribution
    Date of the transaction

    Dollar amount contributed
    Perk Claimed

    Contributor's Email Address
    Names and Shipping information of your contributors (if collected)

The Contributions tab will keep a record of all contributions and claimed Perks, even Perks that you have removed from your campaign. All of this information can be exported as a CSV file.

You can also use Perk Fulfillment Status Management, to keep track of who you've fulfilled and whose perks you still need to send out!

Use the "Order States" on the contributions tab, to keep your perks and fulfillment organized. To keep track of the various stages for each contribution, you easily move contributions from "Received Orders" to "Order Locked" or "Fulfilled Orders" based on a contribution's current Fulfillment status.


a person who contributes, esp one who writes for a newspaper or one who makes a donation to a cause, etc

something that is a factor in or is partly responsible for something: alcohol was a contributor to his death

A person or thing that contributes something.
‘Hunt was the largest contributor of hymns to these collections’

    1.1 A person who writes articles for a magazine or newspaper.
    ‘he became a regular contributor to the magazine’

    1.2 A person who donates to a cause.
    ‘Australia is also a major contributor of development assistance to the region’

    1.3 A causal factor in the existence or occurrence of something.
    ‘stress is a major contributor to most diseases’

Access Gap Cover.

Police Health's scheme to eliminate or reduce out-of-pocket expenses for medical services (doctors, radiology, pathology) during hospital stays. We participate in this scheme through our affiliation with Australia Health Service Alliance.
Accident and Emergency Services Fee

A fee charged to patients by private hospitals for the treatment in an accident and emergency department. It is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance.
Ancillary cover/extras

Generally refers to non-hospital and non-medical health services, such as dental, optical, physiotherapy. Also sometimes referred to as extras by Police Health or as general treatment..
Annual Maximum

The maximum benefit payable for services received during any calendar for particular services or groups of services. The Annual Maximums start new on the 1st of January each year.

Accommodation included in your hospital cover generally includes all in-hospital services such as meals, bed and nursing care. Accommodation does not include take home or personal items, e.g. toiletries, television, hairdressing, manicure etc.
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The amount payable by Police Health to you, or on your behalf to a service provider in respect of a claim made relating to the provision of health services, treatment care or goods by a recognised provider.
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Calendar year

From January 1 to December 31.

A request submitted by a member to Polic

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